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Published December 11, 2023

I’d like to congratulate Johannes Katsarov on the publication of his PhD thesis (which I look forward to reading) and welcome him as a contributor to the Morality Play blog. As he writes:

Dr Johannes Katsarov is a researcher at the Leuphana University in Lueneburg, Germany. He develops serious games for ethics education, promotes game-based learning across disciplines, and studies the impact of diverse educational strategies and mechanisms on people’s moral attitudes, judgment, and sensitivity.

I’d also like to welcome Dr Kevin Schut, who was instrumental in the organisation of this year’s Morality Play workshop.

Dr. Kevin Schut is Professor of Media + Communication and founder of the Game Development program at Trinity Western University in Langley, Canada. He does cultural analysis of video games on a range of topics, and he is currently focused on the study of meaning and ethical and moral choices by game players.

Hopefully with their help we can raise the number of posts to more than five per year! Wouldn’t that be exciting.

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